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We seek the common ground where business objectives and people’s needs meet. It’s where brand STRATEGY, INNOVATION, and DESIGN come together in a better way. It’s where we thrive, brands win, and life gets better for everyone.

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We believe that brands need to know who they are, who they aren’t, and who they aspire to be. What they stand for and what they won’t. Brands need to be in touch with their values and have a conscience. Ultimately, brands need to be more human. It’s a process of discovery, and our job is to lead the way.

  • Landscape Assessment
  • Positioning & Charter
  • Brand Architecture
  • Naming & Verbal
As second-generation owners, we were nervous about making changes to a brand that is cherished by generations. COHO understood while also encouraging us to think out of the box. The resulting new strategy and identity is one that we love, and one that’s received praise from both retailers and brand loyalists.
Molly & Katherine OliverCo-CEOs & Sisters, KIRK’S Family of Natural Brands

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Great innovation is not just about an inventive idea or your latest technology. Successful innovation is about creating solutions that solve meaningful problems and positively influence a portion of the population.

We blend our proven innovation approach with pure curiosity to deliver the ideal consumer experience and a successful business model. Innovation without all of these ingredients is likely to be one-sided, and short-lived.

  • Insights & Research
  • Trend Analysis
  • New Product Ideation
  • Concept Development
  • Rapid Visualization & Prototyping
COHO facilitated our first-ever virtual ideation, and it was fantastic. In some ways, it was better and more efficient than those in person. It included trends, insights, lots of stimuli, creative exercises, small group break-outs, collaborative progress reviews, and even the ability to vote. The platform they use was easy to get acquainted with for our team, and they provided expert moderation & technical support, ensuring everyone easily understood the process & technology. Overall a super well-run and organized session!
Katya ChenDirector of Innovation, MolsonCoors Beverage Company

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Brands are more than just a pretty color, an updated logo, or a laundry list of features & benefits. Smarter brand design is a much bigger undertaking.

Our approach to brand design and activation is rooted in sound strategy. We create the most meaningful visual & verbal world for a brand’s audience: an experiential one that sets your brand apart from the competition in both the first and second moments of truth.

  • Identity
  • Packaging Graphics & Structure
  • Photography
  • Print & Pattern / Surface Design
  • Motion & Video
  • Realization / Commercialization
COHO has been a tremendous partner in refreshing and unifying our Airheads brand. In a fragmented, impulse category with lots of competitive activity, our packaging is our #1 marketing asset. It needs to work as hard as possible to help build awareness, relevancy, and trial. Our new packaging has received compliments from retailers and consumers. The design COHO created and the way they collaborated with us made for a great journey.
Rachel ChambersVice President - USA & Canada Marketing, Perfetti Van Melle

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Jon Shapiro
Founding Partner &
Chief Creative Officer
Greg Zimmer
Partner, Chief Client
& Strategy Officer
Ronald deVlam
Partner & Chief
Innovation Officer
Mike Skrzelowski
Executive Creative Director
Monica Alexander
Monica Alexander
Client and Design Director
Elise Bene
Project Manager
Kevin Bova
Senior Designer
Michael Buescher
Director - Client Experience
& Program Management
Monica Campbell
Master Designer
Christopher Combs
Master Designer
Ellen Craven
Group Director -
Strategy & Innovatiion
Mourad David
Brand Strategist
Stephanie Diesel
Stacey Dunaway
Client Leader
Tim Durr
Client Leader
Molly Ernstes
Maria Fisher
Liz Grimsley
Finance Manager
Erin Hinson
Project Manager
Mallory Holman
Client Leader
Johnna Imel
Graphics Production Coordinator
Julie Knight
Partner & Chief
Financial Officer
Liza Krasner
Project Manager
Tim Kron
Senior Realization Designer
Annie Ledford
Design Director
Shonda Leen
Director - Realization
Gretchen Mahan
Senior Brand Strategist
Laura Mason
Strategy Director
Kate Raterman
Master Designer
Jennifer Register
Associate Creative Director
Michael Simmons
Senior Realization Designer
Amanda Smith
Senior Project Manager
Trey Smith
Group Director -
Client Experience
Amanda Todd
Information Manager
Jennifer Vorhees
Senior Master Designer
Eric Warning
Senior Designer
Erin Wilson
Client Leader

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Since 2002, we’ve built strong & lasting relationships. Some clients have been with us for well over a decade. Many others have brought us along with them—from company to company—to help them with their next big challenge.

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We always appreciate professional recognition for our award-winning work. But, it’s our client’s in-market success and personal praise that mean the most to us.