Imagine Your Brand—Better

Innovating for Now, Next, and Future

COHO Creative is excited that PR Expert has voted us one of the top “advertising” agencies in Cincinnati for innovation expertise! We’re grateful for the honor and hope this article provides some useful insights.

Brands live in a tough world today. Emerging consumers expect instant gratification, rapid response, and complete customization and come with a voracious appetite for new experiences. Established consumers expect loyalty and good old-fashioned personal service. These needs can also change very quickly, and irrelevance is a constant threat. So how does a brand not only survive but thrive in such a volatile environment? The answer is innovation.

But effective innovation isn’t just a smart idea or the latest technology. It’s bigger than that. Wider and more integrated. Successful innovation creates desirable solutions for unmet needs and ensures ideas are both viable in the marketplace and possible to develop within technology parameters.

COHO blends proven innovation processes and insatiable curiosity to create meaningful new brands, products, and services for the now, the next, and the future.

Insights and Research

Do you know what jobs your consumers would hire you to do? Let’s find out! Nothing reveals vital insights like qualitative interactions with the people you’re trying to reach.


At COHO, identifying a trend is never enough. We identify macro and sub-trends through proven processes and then translate them into relevant insights that challenge conventional thinking and inspire new ideas.

New Brand, Product, or Service Sprints

Where do product ideas come from? Anywhere and everywhere! Our Sprint process engages stakeholders, stimulates ideation, captures wide thinking, identifies relevant concepts, and prioritizes big ideas.

Concept Development

A rough idea is just the start of innovation. We take Sprint outputs and develop powerful written concepts partnered with 2D visualization and 3D prototyping, ready for consumer optimization and qualification.


What do you do when you have so many ideas you don’t know what to do with them? Our proprietary digital platform continually captures inputs and outputs of Sprint sessions, so you never lose ideas and keep all your team members on the same page.

At COHO, relevant, meaningful, and powerful innovation is more than a capability. It’s core DNA. And it finds its way into almost everything we do.

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