All of us at COHO wish you a year of PEACE, LOVE, JOY…. REPEAT.

Thank you for everything you have done to make 2019 a great year! If you’ve received our annual holiday gift wrapping papers in the past, you might notice something a little different this year. Since our mission is to help companies create better brands to better the world, we are always looking for ways to lessen our impact on the environment. Wrapping paper, after all, is still paper—and paper comes from trees. In the last 2 years alone, we saw a record 12 million forest acres burned due to wildfires. So, even though we have been careful to utilize recycled paper stocks for our gift wraps in the past, we realized that we could do better. That is why we developed gift wrapping cloths—gift-wrapping designed for a second life. Our hope is that these gift wraps will be used over and over, and not contribute to landfill. The idea for this is inspired by a thousand-year-old tradition in Japan called Furoshiki, the art of wrapping. Not only are Furoshiki gifts beautiful, but they also represent the love and personal attention of the gift-giver. There are dozens of methods for tying a traditional Furoshiki, here are a few that we like:

We hope you like our gift wrapping cloths (maybe we should call them COHOshiki), and we would love to see some of your gifts wrapped in them. If you are on Instagram, please upload an image of your wrapped gifts and include the hashtag #cohocreative. As a little surprise, the letter received with your cloths was printed on seed paper. Please do not throw this away, if you plant it, beautiful wildflowers will grow!



Thanks again for making this a great year. 2019 is not the end, but it is a wrap. So let’s wrap it up beautifully! From all of us at COHO Creative… Have a wonderful new year.